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SQL Query and Performance Tuning

“Y&L analysts were brought in to eliminate data integration failures. An in-depth analysis of system logs was conducted, the server and network infrastructure was reviewed and validated, the integration process and code was reviewed, and data tables were analyzed for improvement. ” “The team incorporated various changes including table indexing and partitioning (which provided the […]

October 24, 2018

Environment Assessment & Analytic Proof-of-Concept

Plagued by disparate data sources, hand-scripted query data integrations, and segregated platforms for reporting and dashboards, our client envisioned a consolidated data environment with a unified reporting and dashboard platform, plus the ability to perform predictive analysis. Y&L created an analytic proof-of-concept showing Insight derived from taking sample data and modeling it in a relational […]

BI Report and Dashboard Development

Y&L’s data analysts designed, developed, and delivered over 14 C-level reports and 5 dashboards; analyzing areas such as accounting, traffic management, and operations. The team added design elements which helped improve data interpretation. By taking the time to understand the data model, and learning about the client’s business, Y&L analysts were able to help address […]

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Retail client wanted to analyze customer comments using text analytics. Customer calls into the Service Center are captured and saved in a raw text format. Y&L analysts extracted Service Center data and derived sentiment utilizing latent Dirichlet allocation, text pooling, and clustering algorithms in R. This data was first explored via Word Clouds from clusters […]


Based upon Y&L Consulting’s performance on a successful FSCM migration and other SAP projects, Tesoro Corporation awarded us with an annual maintenance contract for implementing enhancements, change requests, and bug fixes. Y&L Consulting was responsible for providing maintenance support to Tesoro’s SAP systems. The support included fixing known defects, making code changes, and testing any […]

September 20, 2018

QA Testing

Harland Clarke was integrating a third party product into its social media page, as well as an ATG application. The main challenge of the project was the new product’s simultaneous interaction with multiple third-party applications and systems. Y&L used Orthogonal array testing to prioritize test cases and used HP’s QTP to perform large scale automated […]

Application Development

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) needed an application for referral assignments and investigations tracking that would work for both the Claims Investigations and Field Investigations units. The OIG wanted the new application to make sure that all referrals were assigned, all investigations were tracked, over-payments were accurately calculated, and claims were established in […]

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