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Since 1999, Y&L IT Staffing in San Antonio has always been about finding the best IT staffing consultants (developers, QA, project managers, technical writers, business analysts, data analysts, database and network managers, etc.) and matching them up with the needs of our clients. At Y&L, we help to address everyday business challenges by providing skilled IT staffing consultants, proven development processes and over 20+ years of experience.

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IT Staffing Consultant Qualification Process

  • Match-up requirements against existing bench talent and our proprietary database of hundreds of IT staffing consultants we have utilized over the last decade as well as on the open market
  • Identify IT staffing consultant candidates whose stated skills are a match
  • Contact IT staffing consultant candidates and perform initial phone screen
  • Determine any discrepancies between stated experience on resume and answers received during phone screen
  • Determine IT staffing consultant’s willingness to work in selected state/location
  • Determine IT staffing consultant’s culture fit with that organization (fast-paced environment, laid-back environment, highly structured, informal structure, etc.)
  • Formally skill-test IT staffing consultant via third-party
  • Present qualified IT staffing consultant’s to the client along with resume, interview notes, skill test results, hourly rate, anticipated start date, etc.

Our IT staffing services focuses on providing experienced consultants to our customers through a well-defined process we’ve matured over the years to acquire, train, nurture and retain IT consulting staff.

Five Processes to Ensure Candidate Quality

  • Perennial Hiring: Y&L analyzes trends, both current and future, to ensure we have the strongest IT staffing bench talent in place based upon changes in technology, market conditions and new technology.
  • Rigorous Selection Process: IT staffing consultants are selected after multiple rounds of interviews, technical skills testing, HR, Reference Checks, Background Checks and Drug Testing.
  • Onboarding and Training: Every new IT staffing consultant Y&L is trained on our proven processes and advanced technology practices before placement at a customer site.
  • Continuous Education: Y&L provides for industry-recognized professional certifications via company reimbursement. This ensures that our IT staffing consultants are well prepared and continuously improving their skills.
  • Performance Appraisal: In order to make sure IT staffing consultants perform exceptionally, we actively meet with our clients to discuss the progress of each IT staffing consultant and perform individual IT consultant assessments.

Treating our IT staffing consultants’ right is something we take seriously at Y&L. We offer competitive wages, an excellent benefit package, vacation days, and on-going training/certifications.  These along with many other benefits have resulted in strong loyalty from our IT staffing consultant base.  In fact, Y&L boasts a 97% IT staffing consultant retention rate.

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