Chatbots, commonly known as intelligent assistants or voice-enabled devices, have revolutionized intuitive human-machine interactions. Businesses in nearly every industry, from healthcare and finance to education and e-commerce, are leveraging the use of chatbots to provide cost-effective services.

The experts at Y&L Consulting can digitally transform your business using chatbots to automate tasks, personalize the customer experience and even strategically upsell products.

Our developers offer years of experience with emphasis on:

  • Fluency with professional tools for natural language understanding.
  • Knowledge of the integration process for your chat platform of choice.
  • Understanding the client/potential user interactions. Our team takes time to understand the wants, needs and problems so they can design relevant conversations and create a rich experience.
  • Skills to create a backend app for the bot that will be able to handle user requests and actions like fetching data from a 3rd party service such as a weather service, financial service, or your company’s private APIs. Your backend app will also be able to store and process information gathered from the user.
  • Analysis of the analytics to ensure continued optimal chatbot performance.

Case Studies