A state government agency wanted to take their administration closer to the citizens by offering multiple citizen-centric services in an integrated, convenient, citizen-friendly manner, using IT tools.


  1. The state agency wanted its constituents to enroll themselves for various government programs.
  2. Disparate programs had different government websites with a plethora of documents to be uploaded for each service.
  3. There were too many ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ’s) listed on the websites for every government program and the answers did not meet all language dialect requirements.
  4. Constituents found it difficult to find the correct website and FAQ section to get their queries addressed.


  1. Client needs were evaluated and we implemented a chatbot to address queries across multiple websites.
  2. The open source chatbot was implemented on-premise to address queries in English and local languages.
  3. The solution utilized Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze customer queries and provided automated responses.
  4. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine broke down sentences into components, which were mapped against keywords of FAQ’s, to identify the appropriate response to the user question.
  5. The engine also performed a syntax check of the user question and mapped the components against a lexicon repository, to understand the meaning and context.
  6. Based on the context, the chatbot also displayed documents to be uploaded by the users for different programs for enrollment.
  7. For registered users, the chatbot saved chat history and referenced previous history to address current needs, if they were related.


  1. Chatbot responses were available 24 x 7 x 365 versus during regular working hours only.
  2. The chatbot provided responses in multiple languages.
  3. Response time was reduced dramatically.
  4. The chatbot redirected the customer to appropriate websites for more detailed information.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Text Analytics
  • National Language Processing