24 01, 2020

IT Infrastructure Automation

2020-01-24T16:12:24+00:000 Comments

A banking client required a simple platform to monitor 5,000+ applications and wanted to rationalize their oversized portfolio of 100+ application and network monitoring tools.  They also wanted to automate business processes related to infrastructure while decreasing vendor management costs.   Y&L Development: Formed Project Optimized Development teams to automate [...]

24 01, 2020

Digital Workplace Automation

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A Fortune 500 hardware manufacturer needed to deploy Windows 10 to their global user base, worldwide, in different languages and preferred to have Windows as a Service (WaaS) for regular Windows OS upgrades. Y&L Development: Introduced add-ons for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to intelligently use network bandwidth to [...]

24 01, 2020

Database Migration to Cloud Platform

2020-01-24T16:12:49+00:000 Comments

A leading Chemical manufacturer had different databases and needed a central source of truth.  Collating business intelligence reports from different databases was challenging and time-consuming.  The client also wanted to decrease hardware maintenance costs and wanted to add a disaster recovery environment. Y&L Development: Implemented SAP BW on HANA platform [...]

19 01, 2020

Real-Time Assembly Line Monitoring

2020-01-19T15:29:39+00:000 Comments

Real-time assembly line application monitoring was enabled by Y&L using Azure Kinect DK, Azure cognitive services & Azure custom vision.  The resulting data stream from the Kinect sensors helped our client render reports and view customized dashboards aiding them to create new growth strategies while benefiting from increased accuracy of [...]

30 12, 2019

Argochemical Corporation Test Solution

2019-12-30T18:48:09+00:000 Comments

Client was looking for a one-stop solution for testing of mission critical SAP and 170 non-SAP applications. They also wanted to improve testing efficiency and free up business SMEs. Y&L evaluated their automated testing tools and automated several thousand scenarios in Worksoft Certify for SAP and non-SAP applications as well [...]

30 12, 2019

ETL Automation Testing

2019-12-30T18:44:44+00:000 Comments

A passenger charter airline and aircraft lessor was facing the following challenges with their existing ETL jobs: Testing large volume of data coming from disparate data sources into Data warehouse Continuous addition of new data sources and data elements leading to data quality issues in existing data warehouse Lack of [...]

30 12, 2019

Auto Insurance Reporting System Testing

2019-12-30T18:34:08+00:000 Comments

Our client's Auto Insurance Reporting System is their main Underwriting Group and Claims Data System. All of their systems fed data to the Enterprise Data warehousing (Oracle DW) and Corporate Reporting System (CRS-DB2 DW). There were a number of challenges faced by the organization such as understanding the different systems [...]

30 12, 2019

QA Testing

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Harland Clarke was integrating a third party product into its social media page, as well as an ATG application. The main challenge of the project was the new product’s simultaneous interaction with multiple third-party applications and systems. Y&L used Orthogonal array testing to prioritize test cases and used HP’s QTP [...]

25 11, 2019

APIGEE Upgrade and Migrate

2019-11-25T20:57:22+00:000 Comments

Program Objective: Molina Healthcare, a major healthcare provider and administrator in the US, has APIGEE as their API Management Platform. With a keen focus on digital transformation throughout the organization, there is a need to stay current on their API Management Platform, which is key to their systems integration (and [...]

25 11, 2019

APIGEE API Onboarding

2019-11-25T20:56:32+00:000 Comments

Program Objective: Molina Healthcare, a major healthcare provider and administrator in the US, has APIGEE as their API Management Platform. As part of their digital transformation effort, several APIs are to be onboarded onto APIGEE and thereby provide a centralized API ecosystem for their internal and external consumer (consuming applications). [...]

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