Y&L’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

As our nation continues to respond to this unprecedented global pandemic, Y&L continues to execute our business continuation with the majority of our workforce deployed and working remotely. All operations and services are performing at full capacity for all products and services.

To ensure Y&L continues to deliver upon our commitments to our clients, our Covid-19 Command Team (CCT) continues monitoring our employees, processes, and technology at all levels. For the duration of the event, our CCT will continue to fuse capabilities and knowledge from human resources, facilities, communications, security, information technology, and industry experts to ensure proactive measures are taken to maintain the safety of our team members while serving our organization.

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Our Business Continuity is Your Business Continuity

As a strategic partner to our clients, Y&L must continue to support your internal IT efforts in every way possible so that you can accomplish your business goals for the year.  Although other industries may have slowed, IT Development, Analytics and IT Help Desk services must continue in order for employees to remain productive and ensure customers’ have the best online experiences possible.

Y&L remains dedicated to your success.

Accepting the New Norm – Protecting our Employees & Clients

Y&L has taken significant steps to protect our employees and our clients during this pandemic.

Approximately 97% of Y&L employees are currently working remotely from home and have been since March 1st. The company has made all the necessary arrangements that enable its employees to seamlessly transition to working from home.

In addition, we have provided our employees with instructions on how to remain safe and healthy during these trying times.  And, we have created a hotline for those experiencing symptoms to contact our HR department directly should they have any questions about healthcare benefits, etc.

For our clients, we have taken steps to ensure their well-being by enabling our sales team to host online conference calls to remain in contact with clients, hold virtual project meetings, provide quarterly updates, review KPIs, etc.  We are staying closely connected…at a distance.

Remote Project Collaboration – Utilization of PM Software for Consistent Internal and External Collaboration

Y&L is fully utilizing its product management collaboration tool (www.mypmware.com) to manage all current projects internally and externally.

PMware is a subsidiary of Y&L and its robust project management tool allows us to collaborate internally amongst project teams and internal teams (Operations, Finance, Marketing, etc.).  Our PM tool assists us with collaboration, project management, financial management, resource management, capacity management and provides dashboard views to each member of our senior leadership team.