One of the largest banks in Texas had a pressing need of having an automated solution for Visa Resolve Online file (VROL) and Wire Settlement processes which were both being performed manually.

The bank was looking for a solution that would address the following:

  • High amount of manual work with complex processes that are prone to error
  • An increase in Regulation E losses
  • Satisfy the need for operational mechanism to address fraud prevention
  • Employee time is spent on processing disputes
  • Fragmented information on losses
  • Dispute resolution process hand-offs between various teams complicates the overall operation
  • Majority of stale transactions and unposted items become losses for the client
  • Stale item ageing is 90 days. If client is unable to resolve the dispute after 90 days, the amount in dispute is written-off
  • The client cannot create ticket for the stale transactions due to:
    • Missing account information
    • Customer account is closed or missing credit card information
  • Tickets are created manually in Word and an analyst manually reconciles the tickets

After high level analysis of the requirements and discussions with the client, Y&L proposed the development of a RPA bot solution using the “AutoMate” platform (Y&L is a certified partner and reseller of the HelpSystems product) to automate VROL and Wire Settlement processes.

The bot solution implemented by Y&L:

  • Is scalable when user load increases;
  • Was built on an architecture which logs all important activities in log files for diagnosis and troubleshooting ;
  • Has an architecture which will ensure only authenticated, and authorized users can access the system;
  • Conforms to PCI DSS 3.2 standards as it applies to storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data during the software development and the manufacturing of applications. The solution operates under SDLC standards and procedures provided by the client.