OCCC is a Texas State Agency that works to ensure that the non-bank financial services industry that it regulates provides compliant financial and consumer credit products. It ensures that this multi-billion dollar industry adheres to various laws regulating financial transactions as well as to educate both the financial service providers and consumers alike about the rights, responsibilities, and remedies associated with such transactions.


OCCC regulates 16,000 establishments across the state of Texas using paper driven processes and a collection of ad hoc and legacy technology that requires duplicative data entry and frequently results in extended delays in processing of applications. The commissioner wanted to explore how and what technologies can be leveraged to make it easy for citizens and businesses to do business with OCCC, achieve internal operational excellence, create synergies across other state agencies, and incorporate innovative processes.


Transformation from a paper based organization to eGovernment is a complicated task that requires redefinition and realignment of people, processes, and technology. The 70+ employees working at the agency are busy keeping the “lights-on” and have little or no bandwidth to perform a detailed assessment required for business transformation. OCCC had to look outside for a partner who could not only understand and document the current business processes, but also help with process re-engineering, identification, definition and implementation of a technology solution, and overall change management.


Y&L consultants were selected by the commissioner to perform a two month detailed assessment of the agency. The goal of the assessment was to identify key as-is business processes and associated requirements, and a preliminary snapshot of technical capabilities that will be required to transform the organization to eGovernment.

Through detailed due diligence that included various stakeholder interviews, the consultants delivered schematics of future state business processes, a technical solution and associated technologies, and a very detailed roadmap of the effort, cost, and rollout timelines.


  1. As-is Business Processes
  2. Functional & Non-Functional Requirements for Government to Consumer (G2C) & Government to Business (G2B) Model
  3. Technology Stack and High Level Architecture
  4. Technology Rollout plan, Effort, & Costs
  5. Critical Success Factors for Change Management & Business Transformation