Going beyond traditional help desk support, Y&L Help Desk consultants know that it is part of their mission to uncover cost saving opportunities and process accelerators. During the course of working with one our client’s, our associates identified a significant cost-saving opportunity. When tracking down loaner cell phones, Y&L Help Desk associates discovered our client was paying over $120,000 annually in mobile services on devices that were no longer being utilized and turned that into a savings for them.
Y&L Help Desk associates have also been invited to assist with major, client-driven enterprise-level infrastructure initiatives; such as upgrading all computers to Window 7 from Windows XP and rolling out cost-reducing technology, such as desktop computer virtualization. In order to make many of these initiatives successful, Y&L and our help desk clients had to operate as one team. Y&L’s service expertise and knowledge-based collaboration continues to improve employee productivity while allowing our client’s infrastructure team to explore and implement initiatives which continue to reduce cost and increase internal satisfaction.