Client: Cintra

COMPANYPROFILE: Cintra Toll Services (CTS) is one of the most innovative developers of transport technology infrastructure and is currently supporting multiple tollway concession companies across the US.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: BI report and dashboard development

ENVIRONMENT: OBIEE, Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard, Oracle BI Publisher, Performance Tuning

SUMMARY: The Y&L Information Management group was selected to design, develop, and deliver over 14 CEO level reports and 5 dashboards, analyzing areas such as accounting, traffic management, and toll operations. In total, over 60 customized reports, charts, and graphs were delivered. The team helped to improve on the original requirements by adding design elements that helped improve performance, or that visually represented the data in a way that was easy to interpret. By taking the time to understand the data model, and learning their business, Y&L developers were able to contribute additional benefits that addressed issues with scalability and performance.