Many businesses struggle to find professional IT developers that fit a specific niche. Our client, an industry leader in providing integrated payment solutions, marketing services, and retail products, was no different.

The company faced challenges in finding professional IT contractors skilled in Oracle ATG, a niche skill set. Many of the professionals they came across didn’t have the level of technical expertise they were seeking. And, when the company was able to find professionals that made the cut, it was difficult for our client to retain them through the project duration.
Y&L began with an assessment of the current and proposed ATG projects and then determined the type and skill levels needed. Because our client had numerous applications that had migrated from a .Net platform over to ATG they had a significant need for proven ATG resources with online retail application experience.

With Y&L’s ATG product expertise, our client was able to break the ineffective and endless hiring cycle and instead focus on completing projects.

The client relied in Y&L’s acute knowledge of the ATG software and more specifically the multisite features which allowed flexibility within different environments and commerce applications. It was Y&L’s responsibility to identify and select which ATG multisite features to adopt to enable specific business requirements.