A New Jersey-based manufacturing company wanted to uncover insight around their quoting lifecycle; won vs. lost quotes in comparison to all quotes.

Using Tableau as a front-end reporting tool, the Y&L Analytics & Data Science team began comparing operational performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) established for the client.

Our first KPI was the Closing Ratio Percentage. This metric took into account all quotes in comparison to “won” quotes to derive an overall percentage.
In comparing the closing ratio percentage against the year, quarter, market, and sales region; we determined the closing ratio for sales region ‘A’ in Q3 was significantly lower than expectations. Although this provided a new insight, we needed to know why the closing ratios were exceptionally low during this time period.

A second KPI for calculating an Aggregate Average Price was developed. Combining this metric with quote status (won vs. lost) at the year, quarter, and product level; it became apparent that some products were priced too high in one sales region when compared to the average “won” quote price point.