During the first year of a help desk engagement at one of our newest clients, Y&L help desk analysts noted two major spikes in employee password resets. During those times, help desk associates were overwhelmed and service levels decreased. As a result, internal customer satisfaction with the internal help desk took a hit. The first spike was seen as an anomaly. However, when the second spike occurred about six months later, the analysts began looking for a trend. After a little digging, it was determined by the analysts the password resets were requested for accessing online training modules.
These training modules were required by the company for employees to take every six months in regard to safety, harassment, work environment ergonomics, working as a team, etc. Most employees never wrote-down their passwords to access this application or remembered them. Y&L Help Desk management worked with the client’s IT department to add an automated password reset feature to the training application and thereby eliminated the bi-annual spikes for password resets and returned customer satisfaction to normal levels during those periods going forward.